Our specific expertise


Dentistry know-how

The e-DENT solution has been imagined and developed by and with dentists and thus ensures the best user experience. The solution has been clinically validated to guarantee the quality of the remote diagnosis for the patients’ benefit.

Implementation know-how

The deployment of the e-DENT solution requires a specific implementation process to insure the adoption of this new type of activity. A successful project drives to a new form of coordination within and between the different establishments and professionals involved in the patient’s dental care pathway.

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Technical know-how

The e-Dent solution has been developed in cooperation with end-users, with the ultimate goal to provide them with a professional and user-friendly tool and to accompany them closely in their daily routine. The e-DENTECH team has added its technical expertise to this to comply with the specific health data security and storage regulation. Thus guaranteeing the data confidentiality on every step of the remote dental diagnosis process.