Thanks to  more than 4 years of field experience, e-DENT is currently the only solution considering the different parties involved in the diagnosis process, and their various constraints such as: comfort, user friendliness, acceptability, time required to perform a teleconsultation, and the quality of the diagnosis.

Our specific deployment protocol allows our partners to rapidly integrate  the teledentistry activity into their daily routine.

e-Dent package

Our priorities: the success and sustainability of the teledentistry activity. To be able to achieve those our solution consists of 5 modules:

e-DENT Visit

Client application for collection of information

e-DENT Visit is a specially designed software for the data collection & recording step even while  being offline. Thus all problems due to the absence of or bad internet connection are eliminated upstream. Its advanced functionalities allow the  optimization of practitioner time required for this step.

e-DENT Platform

Server application easily scalable

e-DENT Platform is the server application which allows the management of the different users’ access rights, the secured transfer and storage, and the provisioning of the collected data needed for the remote diagnosis through a web browser. All the required infrastructure and associated services are supplied by a HDH (Health Data Hosting) certified provider. This provider is certified by the ASIP Santé (Agence des Systèmes d’Information Partagés de Santé) which is the French Shared Health Information Systems Agency.

e-DENT Consulting

A tailor-made project deployment methodology

e-DENT Consulting is based on the expertise acquired by the e-DENTECH team for over 4 years in the implementation of teledentistry projects. The success of our process is strongly related to a deep understanding of the specificities of each project and to our unique methodology resulting from a scientific approach.

e-DENT Training

A specific by teledentistry experts from the University Hospital of Montpellier

e-DENT Training is an essential part for a successful project, mainly because telemedicine implies the appropriation of new forms of practice and coordination. Provided by the University Hospital of Montpellier, and soon by University Hospitals in your own region, or an e-DENTECH expert, it includes a theoretical dentistry section, a health law section on teledentistry regulation and a practical « hands-on » part. A training session can accommodate up to 6 participants.

e-DENT Equipment

Specific equipment in order to facilitate the activity and optimize the time needed to realise a highly qualitative diagnosis

e-DENT Equipment includes the Soprocare intraoral camera, a laptop, a foot pedal and all the required connection cables and accessories. The equipment comes with a custom carrying case making it mobile and providing the protection needed during transportation and storage. The equipped suitcase weight is less than 10 kg.

  • Soprocare by Acteon Group, is a high-end intraoral camera using fluorescence to detect plaque, tartar, gingival inflammation and caries without using any disclosing die solutions. The remote dentist can thereby perform a high quality diagnosis.
  • The laptop requires high-end specifications as it plays a crucial role in the end user experience. It allows the e-DENT Visit software to carry out the video processing and prepare the files for transfer to the e-DENT Platform.     Meanwhile the user can continue his/her activity of data collection.
  • The foot pedal streamlines the video collection process following a specific methodology and a precise protocol to optimize the practitioner time.